Guiness Surger
Triple Bottle Jager Machine
Gazebo with canopy and bar counter
Single Bottle Jager Machine
Chrome Zip Bar
Colour Changing Podium Stand
Gazebo, Wooden counter & Cellar Trailer
Beer Dispensers

Equipment Hire


To provide the hassle free service we strive to achieve, over the years we have accumulated a vast amount of various equipment. This means that we are able to hire various pieces out, as we do our glassware. If you want to run a bar yourself or need the equipment to setup for a house party, we have everything you will need.


We are pleased to offer our various bar counters, beer dispensers, display and undercounted fridges and freezers, auto tilts for real ale, Jagermeister machines and Freezers, Guinness Surger Machines and other general serving equipment for private use. If you are looking at running a larger event, we have a selection of real ale stands in different configurations along with the cask taps to serve and insulated cooling ice jackets to keep the ale fresh. We also have our two purpose built cellar trailers available to hire which have the ability to offer up to 5 different draft products with our pumps.


We can also supply you with the plastic glasses and can also obtain and supply the barrels of beer for you to enjoy.


Finally, on top of this, we also have numerous other items including gazebos, hot water urns, water dispenser, bar flags, parasols etc. 


For a tailor made quote, availability, or more information, please get in touch here